March 13, 2008

Sober the Sasquatch

that phrase kinda reminds me of thedillinger escape plan song "sunshine the werewolf" which was on their last album before the one that just came out. i realized last weekend that ire works is alsmost fire works. i also realized that i really like the album, though its taken me months to really appreciate it. there's like a 4-note piano break (though it's rpobably some other synthesizer setting) that gets me so excited in the morning i want to jump from my honda on route 80 and run all the way back home while the car sails solo down the exit to my office. the song is "Lurch" but they don't do the piano part live. the pause is at 1:30 in the video.

Hella is a band that i recently discovered on emusic and they are certainly a band who will Go Down on You in a Theater. i should say the last band i discovered on emusic because, much like an autoerotic asphyxiator, I went out on self-suspension. dadadum. wait that reminds me. the new coolest sound in the world is the ultimate warrior going baaaaaa! listen to it. it is going to officially replace every other sound in the world. my world at least. im going to say it during sex from now on.

speaking of saying ridiculous things during sex, as well as things that are new2me/old2every1else, i recently got into WEEDS. the show. kevin nealon is great on it. when he yelled 'legendary' while banging whatshername from Big., i LOLed. in fact i actually laff owt lowd a good 1 to 2 times very episode. and that's a lot for me because i hate everything. the writing is fantastic, the characters are quirky and well-acted, and storylines are unconventional and unpredictable. similarly to how i don't care about the mob on the Sopranos, i don't care about the weed on Weeds. i started watching about ten days ago and i just finished up the second season. they love the cliffhangers, eh?

no segue this time. i read a great article about Dave Grohl two weeks ago in theVillage Voice. it sums up everythought i've had about the foo fighters in a the past 4 years. i'm actually quite jealous that this dude was able to articulate those feelings without sounding as bitchy AS I.

same weekend, different newspaper. article about Scrabulous from the new york Times. unfortunately i don't have a full sentence to

back to the segues---> speaking of awesome free services on the nutterwebs being threatened by the fucking man, has driven off the air due to increased royalty fees. But don't worry, they have taken up residency on loudcity instead. on my lonely girlfriend-free nights, i go to sleep listening to the sweet sexy sounds of the jerky boys, roy d. mercer, and the touch tone terrorist. it's my ambien.

hmmm.. harassment. the pink knight is email harassing me to fix the broken voltron image i apparently hotlinked in the previous blog which i suppose i'lldo when i'm finished here. i think i will activate that Google Adsense so i can start raising money to hire a staff to deal with my photolinking administrative bullshit and to respond to all of teh beauty's e-vil e-mails.

anyway this post didn't really fit into SEX WEEK,did it? well, if you consider that i typed this whole thin g using just my left hand...




teh Beauty said...

The latest in blogging and masturbating technology! Today I bought a travel vibbbbrator. NOw, when I'm in the Blue Lion and you can only see my can go ahead and assume I am waxing POETIC.

Jo said...

So... you're right handed, huh?