February 6, 2008

Every little bit counts, right?

Today, I was sitting on my porch dealing with the sort of long distance douchetastic relationship antics that do not amuse me at all when the natural gas meter reader rolled up to read my meter. Get your mind out of the gutter. The gas company wanted to know why I wasn't using as much energy as I had in the past? Why? Why? They were worried about me not using enough of their product and tasked some poor shlub to come ask me what appliances I power with natural gas. I'm single; I live alone. The only things gas-powered in my house are the water heater and the stove, and I do NOT cook a lot. I'm actually a great cook, but it goes in waves. One month I'll cook every day, and then the next cook twice. Shit, I was even using my oven to keep me from freezing during the winter, and I'm still not using enough gas to satisfy the gas company's greedy guts. They were concerned (his words not mine) that I wasn't using as much energy as I had in the past. I told the meter reader guy, "I'm saving the fucking planet. Tell them, I'm saving the planet." He sheepishly laughed and shrugged and said, "Yeah, yeah, you are."

Not as much as the SuperSquad is though, that's a tough act to follow.


Kurd Howzee said...

Wow, did the company known as Ultimate Sports Force put out any other sports-related super hero titles?

teh Beauty said...

Yes, yes they did. They apparently published comics featuring differing SuperSquads from MLB, the NHL, and the MBA. Here's an article on Ultimate Sports Entertainments http://tinyurl.com/2sqogb.

Thanks for dropping in.