February 18, 2008


Pinchers and Catheters are currently reporting for 2008 Spring Training... also ball hitting jokes and Yankees and blah blah blah baseball is dumb.

Speaking of Cock and Ball Torture, this is exciting:

And now more Sports!

And then more about Balls!

And finally, one more about Sports...

This song is a by a band we played with in Brooklyn in 2006 called Big Daddy Project. They were all big tough biker-looking dudes dressed in all black, and they brought their own stadium-sized applause SFX to further intimidate, but their music was actually pretty silly. Which you will find out if you stop reading and click on the link already.

PS - I couldn't finish Batman Begins. I do however, recommend Confessions of Superhero, a documentary (surprise).

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teh Beauty said...

There's nothing hotter than a keytar.
Come on baby light my fire.