February 19, 2008


Easy, Homeland Security, I'm talking about the cable network.

I've accepted, and ultimately embraced the fact that USA constantly broadcasts Law and Order SVU and CI. There are in fact, more episodes than I'll ever be able to watch in my entire lifetime, and usually that's all right. There are plenty of standalone episodes where I don't have to really invest myself in the plot or even watch the whole show. Usually I'm cool with the not knowing how the case is solved.

But other times, there is actually character development, and that's ultimately what most interests me. I'm not really into mysteries, or even fiction at all. Like such as in The Sopranos, which just may be my all-time favorite television show, I watch for the story, the characters, the family interaction, and the details, references, and symbolism in the production. The mob stuff is least important thing for me.

So when I hear that the department wants to break up Detectives Stabler and Benson, and then next fucking episode is out of order and doesn't resolve the cliffhanger, I want to smash my TV (which I'm not going to do because my lovely girlfriend gave it to me... though I could always smash my old one just to teach them box o' tubes a lesson). IMDB tells me that USA is not showing the next episode any time soon either. Tonight they showed Episode 14 from Season 8, then Episode 16 (the one I caught), then 15??? USA, your antics have forced me to type 3 question marks!!! NOW I'M OUTTA CONTROL WITH PUNCTUATION ((((& & & I DON'''T THINK I"""""LL BE ABLE TO $$$TOP)))).......

There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to way they are programming their lineup (TNT pulls the same shit, FYI). Now A&E, there's a channel has their shit together. Sopranos re-runs are always in order (albeit repeated ad nauseum), and when they have marathons, they show whole or half-seasons chronologically. USA, on the other hand, gets cutesy with their marathons, alternating between SVU and CI. I'm going to write a letter to USA and maybe someone can explain their logic. There has to be a reason, right? I mean, maybe they just walk into the tape library and throw a dart. Any explanation would enable to sleep at night.

I guess this is my punishment for not watching the shows when they first ran. I don't have enough interest (or money) to buy the DVDs, and Netflix doesn't have the Eight Season just yet. I don't have the drive to download the torrent like such as what I did for The Sopranos, and I certainly don't want to just ask someone what happened...

...especially not Ice-T.

[PS - That second picture is borrowed from a hilarious (and now-defunct) blog that compiles pictures of TV characters making awkward faces when TiVo is paused. Check it out for LOLs.]

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