February 19, 2008

News from the Frontlines

This just in over the communication satellites...at 81, Castro officially resigns the Presidency of Cuba. Even though he has been mostly a human personification of an experimental social governing system, an icon, a symbol and a figurehead for many years and not much else due to his failing health, he truly was the face of modern Communism to most Americans. Castro was the demonized bogeyman. Does this change anything really? Does this mean we make nice? Does Cuba open its doors to capitalism now? Or will Cuba mirror the fate of Tito's particular brand of Communism in the former Yugoslav? If it's all a cult of personality and a social experiment sustained primarily by one man's will, does it all fall apart without his belief and charisma to hold it together? After all, you need a conman to play a confidence game. Does this mean we'll finally abolish travel sanctions? Is it all just a formality? Why aren't I f*cking alseep yet?

I can see people from the US sneaking over to Cuba for quality healthcare. Ironic. Dont'cha think?

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Alan said...

The beaches of Cuba are said to be the cleanest and most pristine in the world mainly do to the lack of urban development. I hope they stay that way. Maybe Americans will be allowed to once again to travel there. I wouldn't mind kicking back at a Cuban beach, smoking a cuban cigar, and driving around in a 60 year old chevy.