May 12, 2008

140 Character Comic Book Reviews

Last Friday, I was happily composing an article on the creator of Wonder Woman and his unconventional BDSM and polyamorous marriage, but every node in the cable/internet grid for my sector went down for about 5 hours and murdered my momentum. I've been trying to get back to it all weekend. Forgive me, I might have to chip away at the block a bit more before I bring it to you. I hate to leave you without new content all the time, so I am carrying a new thing I tried this weekend on my twitter over here to the blawg.

As is my wont, I went to the comic book store this weekend and dropped a bunch of cash. Then I went home, poured myself a big glass of red wine and got to reading. I posted 140 character reviews of each of the comics to my twitter, like one-sentence game reviews because sometimes brevity is best. Moo liked it, and that's good enough for me. Without further ado, I give you 140 Character Comic Book Review Monday or 140CCBR Monday. That kind of makes it sound like an exotic drug component which to me comic books are.

Let's read comics together. Just finished "Nightmares & Fairytales" #22. Song of the Siren. <3 the anime, cutesy, macabre. Mermaid revenge rape tale. Can't wait for the conclusion.

Ultimate X-Men #92 & #93---Really? I love the Phoenix, but we're doing this story again? From a more positive angle? *sigh* Deus Ex Phoenix.

Brit #5, so much fun. I love Brit. Best line: I should be somewhere erasing indigenous people not fetching super vagina. Genetic super spies, ftw.

Gravel #2 A Warren Ellis book. Combat magician. Profane and action packed from Jump Street. I've enjoyed the story thus far #0-2. More. Faster.

Doc Frankenstein #6 LOVES it. The blasphemous never before-told origin story of Yahweh. Some funny and informed writing there. Gotta get it. Must have.

The Uncanny X-Men #495-497 A telepath brings down the Summer of Love all over the city. Weaksauce. Scott is somehow *less* annoying w/ Emma. I know; who would have thought it was possible?

Dark Ivory#1 Now Linsner is doing vampire Dawn? Basically. I'll still read it becoz of the artwork. I enjoy Dawn, capricious pagan goddess that she is.

House of Mystery #1. Abel from the Dreaming's house goes AWOL. These are the stories of the people trapped within. Fascinatingly disgusting insect sex and birth scenes.

B.P.R.D. 1946 #4 Searching for Hitler's Vampire Project. That demonlord thing in the body of the little girl terrifies both me and everyone else.

Black Summer #6 another Warren Ellis offering. Blood, bullets, and fire. The bullets and fire and blood gloriously spray over *every* page.

Goon #23 Zombies, golems, and union labor disputes. It's all in a day's work for the Goon. A day's work that ends with a cupcake. Huh, fillery. I love the Goon, but #23 is very fillery.

X-Men Messiah CompleX #1 What is this crazy shit? Scarlet Witch reordered reality so x-gene barely exists. But one is born who will lead us...where? Into more shitty alternate x-realities?

Abe Sapiens #4 Mignola split Abe off from being just Hellboy's sidekick and is exploring his past and talents. 'Bout time. Same mythic storytelling. Liking it.

Anna Mercury #1 Another Warren Ellis book. Anna is policing an alternative and imaginary world. It has a very "The Filth" feel to the story.

Lobster Johnson #4 A Mike Mignola book. Maybe 1 too many for me. Lobster is a 1930s
paranormal detective and in the funny papers. A character in a comic strip in a comic book. Too meta.

Young X-Men #2 What is this shit? New youngster team being trained by Scott to attack the New Mutants, the former youngster team. Everything I said about Scott miraculously becoming less irritating I take it back. This is a pile of dreck, and I want to kill Scott aka Cyclops.

That is how you spend $50 and lose a weekend to absorbing the funny pages. I waste my money, so you can spend yours more wisely. I'll get that Wonder Woman creator article on the boil. I just couldn't leave you with nothing new to read. Thanks to my twitterbuds for the positive response, and yes, I cheated a little on the last few as they are not strictly only a 140 characters. I'm a color outside the lines kind of girl.


*Princess Out*


Michael said...

...zombie tested, moo approved...
...GENE SPLICE...OPTIC BLAST...X X X...scott sucks poitr's shiny tin ballsack...

teh Beauty said...

Your wish is my command. And I control the leg of Voltron and Sven's balls but, sadly, not Piotr's. Piotr is a thousand times less irritating and theoretically hotter than Scott.

You were right it is the bad, naughtiness of Emma that brings the Scott into tolerable levels of coolness.