May 13, 2008

Facts about Boys, Girls, and Chocolate.

Cadbury makes chocolate.
Cadbury makes good chocolate.
Cadbury makes good chocolate in the shape of miniature eggs.

Girls like chocolate.
Girls like lying in bed.
Girls really like eating chocolate while lying in bed.

Boys like lying in bed too.
Boys like sleeping in bed after a long, hard day of working.
Boys don't like sleeping on top of good Cadbury chocolates that were once in the shape of miniature eggs eaten by girls while lying in bed.

When Hens sit on eggs, chicks are hatched.
When Boys sit on chocolate eggs, their sheets end up looking like they have giant shit stains.
When one specific Girl gets picked up at Newark Airport on Friday, she's going to see this face waiting for her:

Now here's a song by Gnarkill about eggs, chocolate, and sodomy:


Rachel said...

i will never eat chocolate in bed again. if not because it makes your sheets nasty. but more so, because it makes me sound like a soap-watching, mumu-wearing, bonbon-eating blob. Ah, shame... the great motivator.

Ro-Beast Rollie said...

I keep telling you, WWE is not a soap!

Don't worry, Triple RacHHH, I ain't mad atcha.

kcw said...

at least they weren't bon-bons.