May 5, 2008

Happy Stinko De Mayo!

Welcome to another excuse to drink alcohol in the United States! This once, the um, the Mexican Army with a lot less guys and lot more tequila defeated the French in this battle/war thing. UH huh. That's what I said the Mexicans beat the French. Let's get hammered on margaritas and tequila shots and beat a mime to celebrate. It's Cinco de Mayo, the 5th of May! Drink up; everyone's Mexican on Stinko de Mayo in the same way that everyone is Irish on St. Patty's.

If it hadn't been muggy and rainy all day and I was more on the ball this year, I would've stuffed the life-size Wonder Woman piƱata with cherry jolly ranchers and beat her until dismemberment and the glory candy insides of a goddess and an Amazon came shooting out. This all requires video documentation though and the camera is currently on tour with Tie Lure. Gonna have to be for next year! It's a date, party on Planet Arus; we'll get Stinko de Mayo drunk in 2009 together!

I think I may have scared Rollie away by revealing his secret sex fetish: centaur vore fanfic. (SssssHhhhhhhh, you didn't hear it from me). I feel I must play my hand and reveal why Rollie is a) so vital to the operation of Voltron and b) why we only use the SunSword and have not gone to a pistol/gun based weapon, as you'll see demonstrated amply by the discontinued but not forgotten Perry Bible Fellowship.

...And, that's why we never tried a gun again and stuck with the sunsword. Rollie answered the mspazz call of duty. Now, when we want to shoot something at someone we just point his nipple cannons at the enemy and squeeze. Hell on uniforms but WAY less costly in term's of medical insurance. Viva la nipple cannon revoluciĆ³n!

Happy Stinko de Mayo. I took this break from drinking to post this. Now, I need a margarita and a taco STAT. Also, I would not be adverse to a little mime abuse. Remember, only you can stop the insidious evil that is mimes.

*Princess Out*

1 comment:

Robin said...

Rats... she is drunk, I have a chance to score.. and I am a day late and a dolar short on reading the blog :(

Well, such is life.....

But if a Mexican Mime and a French Mime get into an arguement in the woods..... does it still make no sound... and and look hilarious after you are snogged on tequila????

Oh, and I must have that nipple weapon!!! Mayhaps this weekend she'd like to do battle with Vmaxtron!!!