May 14, 2008

Sexy Nintendo Tattoos for Geeky Girls (NSFW!)

I'm gearing up for a new tattoo before the summer begins. While works on the design for me, I'm going to throw out some tattoo ideas for other people to get. These are original, and I hope you like 'em. If this ends up not sucking, I may actually turn it into some kind of series.

First up,

a totally not safe for work exhibition

that you'll see

after voluntarily deciding

to scroll

much further





Sexy Nintendo Tattoos for Geeky Girls

(but you knew that already).

Last year, an Internet chum of mine named Kayla (free plug for her Dance Troupe) told me she was getting a Duck Hunt tattoo. I immediately assumed it would be this:

Kayla ended up getting something with the Light Guns much farther North, but whatever.

Please excuse the parallax view as you take a look at this Excitebike tattoo (I used the letter X in the sentence three times... and thank you caffeine for my mad fresh rhymes):

By the way, I should inform you that all of these naked models are not just vehicles for 80's Nostalgia, they are, uh... well actually they are vehicles for 80's Nostalgia. (C'mon Velma, that was a clue).

I hope you know what those are (and they power they hold)! I may not have given the answers to that Bloodsport title quiz yet, but I did leave some hints to the identity of the mystery models in the image names (unless blogger changes them).

This last one didn't come out as cleanly as I would've preferred, so I'll just tell you... it's a Tecmo Bowl Tramp Stamp!

I had to widen her hips, but that shit was so airbrushed in the first place that I don't feel a bit of guilt. Christ, I can't believe how many hours I just spent birthing this post. MS Paint and 8-bit Nintendo still do their jobs like it's 1986.

Now go tell your friends! Naked girls on the internet!


Alan said...

I've been throwing this tattoo idea around for a while now... Sure as hell if I'd get it, it's more of a bad ass female tattoo...

I'm envisioning a Unicorn, standing on a mountain of skulls in a cometary. The unicorn is holding up it's head, and it's horn is piercing a skull through the skull's eye socket. I think it would be a very dark tattoo. Now, I'm not a tattoo artist, but I can draw. So if any female reads this and contacts me saying they like the idea and wantg to have it done, I will personally, and at no charge , draw it on paper for their tattoo artist to use as reference.

teh Beauty said...

Sweet! I also think that would look good painted on the side of a van with swarovski crystal accents. I'm just saying, if I had a van...

ps. Thank you for the sad face on the Princess. C'est magnifique.

Rachel said...

it's tiffany, debbie gibson, carnie what'sherface & belinda carlisle... What do I win?

Ro-Beast Rollie said...

A $5 foot-long.